Pam Jordan/I’m A Celiac Q & A

We will be introducing you to the speakers and attendees of the Food Allergy Bloggers Conference by sharing their responses to a few questions. We have asked them to choose to answer 3-5 of these questions:
1. Who do you look forward to seeing/meeting most at FABC and why?
2. Which of your blog posts are you most proud of and why?
3. Which panel topic do you look forward to hearing most and why?
4. What is the best thing about food allergies?
5. What motivated you to start blogging about food allergies?
6. What is the best thing about the online food allergy community?
7. What other blogger would you most like to meet and why?
8. What other blogger has inspired you?
9. What is one of your favorite posts written by another blogger and why?
10. If you didn’t have or deal with food allergies, what would be your 3 favorite foods to eat/try?”
Please meet Pam Jordan from I’m a Celiac! and on Twitter @ImaCeliac
3. Which panel topic do you look forward to hearing most and why?  
“Picture This” is the session I’m most looking forward to.  Great pictures of food make all the difference!  People eat with their eyes first so you want to show your readers a beautiful picture of your meal.  That will encourage them to want to cook it, pin the picture and share it with others.  As a mom it is hard enough to make dinner every night let alone stage a good picture of it!  I look forward to learning more tricks to make my food pictures stand out.
5. What motivated you to start blogging about food allergies?  
When I got the call from my doctor that I had Celiac Disease all he told me was there was no cure for it and the only treatment was a Gluten Free diet.  I was given no instructions, support or help, just told to eat Gluten Free.  I turned to the blog world to find out what I could eat.  I immediately found a number of people like me who seemed to have a handle on eating Gluten Free.  The blog world became my support group.  So as I got used to living Gluten Free I wanted to share my story and want we eat with others.  I love hearing stories about how people use my recipes to feed their families and friends!
6. What is the best thing about the online food allergy community? 
I have Gluten Free best friends all around the country!  If I have a question about a product, recipe or restaurant I have thousands of people I am connected with to get answers. There is so much love and support among Gluten Free and allergy free bloggers!  I also love that so many Gluten Free companies communicate with their audience.  A couple times I’ve had issues and the companies were able to quickly get back to me.



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  1. colettemartin

    Pam, this is going to be a fabulous. Thanks for picking one of my sessions as a fave! I just did a photography session at BlogHer Food and it rocked!

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