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2013 FABlogCon Keynote by Henry Ehrlich (“One More Speech I’d Like to Write One Day”)

Though in the United States we have Food Allergy Awareness Week later this year in May (spearheaded by a sponsor from last year’s conference, FARE), April 7-13 of 2014 is the World Allergy Organization’s World Allergy Week!  We thought it was a great excuse to share one of the videos from last year’s conference where Henry Ehrlich, author and food allergy advocate, gave a tantalizing speech about what was then his forthcoming book: Food Allergies: Traditional Chinese Medicine, Western Science, and the Search for a Cure (see it and books by other conference authors here in our Amazon store).

Thank you to Henry and all our speakers for supporting the conference in its inaugural year.  We have so much new information to share this year (check out our interactive agenda painstakingly inputted by the wonderful Selena Bluntzer).  We are looking forward to seeing you all in September for another meeting of the minds about the issues we face and the hope we share.

Keynote: New Research FABlogCon 2013


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