About Us

How We Started

The Food Allergy Bloggers Conference was first held in 2013. This unique conference unites food allergy bloggers with the advocates, medical professionals, and the companies who support food allergy living and safety at one event. With dual tracks of panel discussions focused on disease management and blogging information attendees have chance to learn from experts, which can later be applied and shared with their readers and communities.

Creating a Conference

The idea for a FAB Conference is something Jenny Sprague had been pondering for about two years before it became a reality. It stems from the longing to connect, share, learn, and meet all these amazing people she had come to know virtually, through Twitter, Facebook, reading their blogs, or books. They had helped guide her on the food allergy journey, and in turn, she has tried to help others. As Jenny verbalized this idea and shared it among her inner circle of friends, they too saw the value, and were equally excited at the idea of having a conference for all of us. This conference is a great opportunity for us to come together, to share, learn and connect with each other!

  • Image of attendees at FABlogCon in 2017
  • Image of attendees at FABlogCon in 2017

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The Food Allergy Bloggers Conference was first held in 2013, in Las Vegas, Nevada, where the FABlogCon LLC entity is registered.

Please contact us for additional information at jenny@fablogcon.com. You can also check out our Twitter and Facebook pages for the event.