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From Left to Right, Susan Weissman, Tiffany Glass Ferreira, Jenny Sprague

Facing Adversity with a Smile – A Gift from #FABlogCon

We know that Mother’s Day, whatever day it falls on, can result in mixed emotions.  For mothers that have lost those they love, for those whose mothers have passed away, and even for those that struggle with fertility or the adoption process in their journey of motherhood… the list goes on.  Even so, ever since we got the video of the session “Facing Adversity with a Smile” from the 2013 Food Allergy Bloggers Conference we wanted to find a special day and way to share it with you.  Mother’s Day in the United States is the start of Food Allergy Awareness Week and the opportunity was one we didn’t want to miss.

Speaking on the panel were Jenny Sprague, Tiffany Glass Ferreira, and Susan Weissman.  Though there are a lot of tears during this presentation, we hope it is uplifting to know you are not alone in your struggles when you love someone with food allergies.  For many of us, this is why we write on our blogs, to reach out and connect with others as we struggle to process what it means to figure out how to feed our children, to interact with people that “don’t get it,” or to find our own smile.

Happy Mother’s Day,

Jenny & Homa