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Welcome Bronze Presenting Sponsor Schär to FABlogCon!

This year, we welcome Bronze Presenting Sponsor Schär to FABlogCon!

schar-logo-best (1)

At Schär, we want you to live in each happy moment without restriction. That’s why, for decades, we’ve been dedicated to helping people think less about gluten, so they can savor more of life’s best things.

We’re all about the best things in life – enjoying them, celebrating them, and making them. We care about what we put into our products, and guaranteeing exceptional quality and safety. Schär uses the ELISA R5 Test, even on the packaging that enters our dedicated gluten free facilities! More than 95% of Schär products have a gluten content below the limit of determination which means below 5ppm gluten. The remaining are between 5ppm and 10ppm.

We are able to achieve these high standards through effective quality management and quality control, which means we take complete control over the cultivation and harvesting of our grains by working closely with expert farmers who grow certified gluten free grains especially for us.

But it’s not just about what goes into our delicious products, it’s about what doesn’t, too – we choose not to use any preservatives and absolutely no GMOs in any of our products from ourbreads to our cookiescrackerspasta and more.

Schär has been building its gluten free expertise for decades, with connections to the world’s best gluten free experts and our own team of specialists in research and development and nutrition services.

Thank you Schär for your support of the Blogger & Consumer Advocacy Conference!

Welcome to Our Gold Sponsor: Enjoy Life Foods

This year, we welcome back Gold Presenting Sponsor Enjoy Life Foods to FABlogCon!

elf_logo_registeredAt Enjoy Life Foods, our whole business is making allergy-friendly foods that put a smile on your face & keep your insides happy too. That’s why all of our foods are specially made to be gluten-free and free-from the 8 most common allergens, which account for 90% of all food allergies. Our mission is to make delicious products that you can enjoy to the fullest. We promise they’ll make you smile inside out!

  • Certified Gluten-Free
  • Verified Non-GMO
  • Free-From the top 14 common allergens
  • Over 60+ products that span a wide variety of baking and snack categories
  • We want our products to give people “Permission to Eat Freely” – the permission to say YES to a special treat because you know it’s allergy-friendly and fits your dietary needs!

To learn more about Enjoy Life Foods, check out your conference gift bag and stop by their booth on the expo floor.

Thank you Enjoy Life Foods for your support of the Blogger & Consumer Advocacy Conference!

New This Year: Pure Encapsulations Joins FABlogCon as Silver Sponsor

Pure logo_NBP_2015_4colFor the first time, Pure Encapsulations nutritional supplements will join the Food Allergy Bloggers Conference. Pure Encapsulations manufactures hypoallergenic, research-based dietary supplements that are designed for the benefit of all people, especially the most sensitive. They are committed to sourcing pure, premium ingredients and working with experienced health care professionals to create safe and effective dietary supplements to help consumers achieve optimal health.

Pure Encapsulations believes supplements should be free from unwanted and unnecessary ingredients. That is why all products are free from wheat and gluten; eggs; peanuts; coatings and shellacs; GMOs; magnesium stearate; trans fats and hydrogenated oils; artificial colors, flavors and sweeteners; and unnecessary binders, fillers and preservatives.

Most importantly, Pure Encapsulations understands the need for ingredient and label transparency, particularly for those dealing with food allergies and sensitivities. To ensure ingredient and label transparency, at Pure Encapsulations:

  • Each ingredient and final product is independently tested for potency and purity.
  • Every supplement includes a transparent supplement-facts label that clearly lists each ingredient by true elemental weight, as well as noting any potential allergens.
  • Supplement facts include the standardization of herbal extracts to indicate primary active ingredients.
  • All two-piece capsules are hypoallergenic and vegetarian.

Pure Encapsulations takes their commitment to quality seriously, and we are very excited to welcome them to this year’s conference.

Pure Encapsulations has its gluten-free certification from The Gluten-Free Certification Organization (GFCO) and products are manufactured here in the USA!

To learn more about Pure Encapsulations, check out your conference gift bag, and stop by their booth on the expo floor.

Thank you to Pure Encapsulations for your support of this year’s conference.

2016 Gold Sponsor Sunbutter


Thank you to GOLD Sponsor SunButter Sunflower Spread for their support of the Food Allergy Bloggers Conference!

SunButter is a delicious peanut butter alternative, plus it is nutritionally superior. SunButter has just as much protein as the leading brand of peanut butter, but with one-third less saturated fat, absolutely no trans fats, less sodium, and less sugar. One serving of SunButter Sunflower Spread provides more vitamin E, twice as much fiber and zinc, and nearly triple the iron than is provided by one serving of the leading peanut butter!  

SunButter Sunflower Spread is made in the U.S. from locally-grown, specially-roasted, GMO free sunflower seeds, which are processed in their dedicated peanut free and tree nut free facility. Their sunflower seeds are grown in a region of the country where peanuts are not grown, eliminating the risk of cross contamination. SunButter is produced in one continuous process from field to table that ensures a fresh roasted flavor, improved product consistency and a finished product that is free from all of the top 8 food allergens.

Available in 5 delicious varieties: Creamy, Natural, Natural Crunch, No-Sugar Added, and Organic. SunButter can also be purchased in convenient On-The-Go Single Cups and 5 lb. Tubs.

Be sure to visit SunButter Sunflower Spread at the FABlogCon Expo Friday afternoon and Saturday to learn more about their wonderful line of products!  

TWITTER PARTY: Monday, October 24th at 8pm EST

RSVP by clicking HERE to participate in the SunButter #FABlogCon Twitter Party & win swag!

Open Breakout Sessions:

This year we are having a series of mini-breakout sessions for our attendees, as an ice-breaker & for special interests. We have 15 breakout sessions that will be going on from 9-10 AM on Saturday morning September 27.  Many of these sessions will require participants to pre-register as space will be limited. We will be posting about these in upcoming posts. Today I want to share the 3 sessions that are open to anyone to attend without requiring pre-registration.

Blog to Book: Meet an Editor and Learn About Publishing, from Concept to Completion:

For many bloggers who have spent months or years creating recipes, writing about food and restricted diets, learning food photography, and promoting their work, a book is the natural next step. Whether you choose to self publish or work with a publishing house, you want your book to be the best it can be—and I’d love to help. I’m an Associate Editor at The Experiment, an independent publishing company with a strong track record publishing health- and food-focused books (including Colette Martin’s Learning to Bake Allergen-Free and forthcoming The Allergy-Free Pantry). There, I work with authors (many of whom are also bloggers) during all stages of the editorial process, from brainstorming a concept to developing a table of contents to fine-tuning sentences and checking facts to “packaging” the book with the perfect title and cover. Depending on what questions the group has, I would be happy to provide general editorial advice, discuss the publishing process and expand upon the relative merits of independent or “Big Six” publishers versus self-publishing.

Breakout Session LeaderMolly Cavanaugh is Associate Editor at The Experiment (Twitter @experimentbooks), an independent nonfiction publishing company in New York City, where she edits a variety of special diet books, including Colette Martin’s Learning to Bake Allergen-Free and forthcoming The Allergy-Free Pantry, Kelli and Peter Bronskis’ gluten-free cookbooks, and books on the low-FODMAP diet written by leading experts Sue Shepherd and Peter Gibson. Molly herself has celiac disease—diagnosed in 2013, after she saw her own symptoms described in the books she worked on—and blogs about it at Based on a Sprue Story (Twitter @spruestory). She grew up in Massachusetts, attended college in Chicago, and now happily cooks and eats gluten-free in Manhattan.


Evidence-Based Blogging:  

 Like a good pair of jeans, reliable online information about health can be hard to find. With information and misinformation about food allergies abounding online, how can readers know what’s fact and what’s fiction? Before you hit the “publish” button on your next post, join our conversation about how to ensure that your blog is providing recommendations and facts supported by scientific research and health data. FARE staff members Veronica LaFemina and Anna Luke, along with Food Allergy Sleuth blogger Jessica Martin and Asthma Allergies Children Co-Author, Henry Ehrlich, will give you advice on how to identify reliable research you can use to make your blog a reputable source for your readers.

Breakout Session Leaders: 

Henry Ehrlich
Henry Ehrlich is co-author of Asthma Allergies Children: a parent’s guide with Dr. Lawrence Chairamonte and Dr. Paul Ehrlich, board-certified pediatric allergists, and editor of AsthmaAllergiesChildren.com, which they founded in tandem with publication of the book because “medicine moves faster than print.”  A former corporate speechwriter, Henry has also published books on speechwriting, adoption, sleep medicine (co-author), business quotations, and edited Children’s Allergies and Asthma: one of nature’s dirty tricks, an anthology of 89 original pieces from the website.  He is currently writing a book on the work of Dr. Xiu-Min Li to cure food allergies and asthma by integrating traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and cutting-edge medical science.

Jessica Martin, PhD
Jessica Martin earned a Ph.D. in neuroscience from Oregon Health and Science University in 2011. She is currently a faculty member in biology at Portland Community College, where she enjoys teaching undergraduate students enrolled in general biology, cell biology, and anatomy & physiology.  True to her passion for teaching, Jessica also educates on the science behind food allergies on her blog, the Food Allergy Sleuth.  She takes pride in breaking down complex scientific findings to make them understandable for all whose lives are affected by allergies.  Outside of her blog, Jessica’s writing has appeared at Asthma Allergies Children and Slate.  Jessica is also involved with the Oregon Food Allergy Network, supporting advocacy efforts to adopt statewide policies for food allergies in schools. Jessica is the mother of two young boys, one of whom has multiple life-threatening food allergies.

Anna Luke
Anna Luke is the manager of online community at Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE), where she runs the organization’s blog and social media platforms, contributes to the development of new programs and website content, issues allergy alerts and ingredient notices, and manages FARE’s Food Allergy Awareness Week initiatives. Anna came to FARE from an education reform nonprofit so she could work on an issue close to her heart: helping families and individuals living with life-threatening food allergies, just like her mother and sister. On the personal side, Anna was diagnosed with celiac disease in 2007 and blogs about all things gluten free in her blog, Gluten Free? Gimme Three! She also is a contributing blogger for The DC Ladies, focusing on gluten free restaurants and news for women in the DC metro area. You can find Anna on Twitter and Facebook and get connected with FARE on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and the FARE website and blog.

Veronica LaFemina
Veronica LaFemina is the vice president of communications at Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE), where she leads the organization’s efforts to increase awareness of food allergy as a serious and growing public health issue. For the past decade, she has directed national strategic communications initiatives designed to garner attention for important health issues, including food allergy, HIV/AIDS, mental health, and the health of veterans and their caregivers. Veronica launched her first health-related blog in 2005 and has been passionate about making health research and information easier to understand, access and share by leveraging social media and other online platforms ever since. Having grown up in a food allergy family, she is also committed to helping all those who are managing the disease have the information and resources they need to stay safe and live well with food allergies. You can find Veronica on Twitterand get connected with FARE on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and the FARE website and blog.


Thinking Outside the Blog:

 You’ve developed your platform, found your voice, and honed your writing skills.  What’s next?  Join a lively discussion about ways to reposition your ideas, voice and material and GET PAID, too. We’ll talk about pitching a story and about approaching the right outlets for your work.  Beth Hillson is food editor at Gluten Free & More (formerly Living Without magazine) and a freelance writer who has been pitching her ideas to the media (and getting published) for several decades.  A professional journalist who just lately started blogging, she’ll share her advice and help you sort through a wide range of food and food allergy topics and media outlets where your talents can shine.

Breakout Session Leader:  Beth Hillson is a food writer, author and blogger.  She is the food editor for Gluten Free & More and writes and lectures frequently on the gluten-free diet and lifestyle as well as other special diet needs.  Beth was diagnosed with celiac disease in 1976 and attended culinary school where she learned to adapt classic recipes to fit her own diet.  In 1993 she founded one of the first gluten-free food companies, Gluten-Free Pantry.  She is the author of Gluten-Free Makeovers (Da Capo, 2011) and a newly-released gluten-free lifestyle book, Living Well Gluten-Free. Her work has appeared in many publications including the Huffington Post, Gothamist, GoDairyFree.com, The Daily Meal, Yoga International, Yankee Magazine, FamilyFun, and Connecticut Magazine, Houston Chronicle, Hartford Courant.  Her regular blogs about the gluten-free diet, lifestyle and recipes appear on Glutino.com and on her own blog www.glutenfreemakeovers.com .   You can follow Beth on Facebook and Twitter.

Conference Connection – Sarah Norris and Justin Cunningham

The theme of the first year of the Food Allergy Bloggers Conference was “Connecting” and we are happy to report many of you did just that!  If you are considering attending this year and want to know if it is a worthwhile event, don’t just take our word for it.  This year’s conference theme is “Celebrating Others” so we wanted to celebrate and spotlight a few attendees that  credit the event with some exciting opportunities and experiences.  

We started with the story of Kate Hufnagel connecting with David Lurie of SunCups.  Now we are sharing Justin Cunningham of the iPhone app YoDish (he and his wife Emily are both food allergy advocates!  Emily writes at Allergen Menu Mom) and Sarah Norris of Gluten Free & Dairy Free Walt Disney World.  The post below is a Q&A between Homa Woodrum, Co-Founder of the Food Allergy Bloggers Conference, and Justin & Sarah.  You can also check out Sarah’s Q&A post from last year prior to the event!

Justin Cunningham, founder of the YoDish mobile app (2013 FABlogCon sponsor), and Sarah Norris, owner of Gluten Free & Dairy Free at WDW, connected about a possible collaboration online but it wasn’t until the 2013 Food Allergy Bloggers Conference that the two were able to make it happen.

Homa:  Sarah and Justin – Thanks for offering your perspective about FABlogCon and how it provided you the opportunity to kick off your collaboration, especially for those who haven’t been before.  What were you thinking as you made your decision to attend last year?

Justin:  When I look in the rear view mirror at myself, debating whether or not to attend the first Food Allergy Bloggers Conference, I just laugh.  I laugh because there really wasn’t anything to think about – it was a no brainer.

Justin Cunningham

Justin Cunningham

Nonetheless, I was intimidated because I was a complete newbie to the food allergy blogosphere (in fact, I hadn’t written a blog yet!), and it didn’t help knowing that I would be in the incredibly small male minority.  Secondly, it seemed like a big expense at the time given that I wasn’t sure how connected I would be to the community once I got there.

Fortunately, my insecurity was put to rest shortly after signing up.  The first thing I did after registering was to post that I was attending in the Comments section of the FABlogCon “Who’s Coming” page.

I had wanted to add myself to the list for a long time but couldn’t since I hadn’t committed.  For some reason, I was a little nervous about putting it out there.  I don’t know what I thought was going to happen.  I guess I expected to hear crickets, and then to hear people asking “who is that guy?”, but that is exactly when the group started to surprise me.  Not long after I commented that I would be there, Caroline Moassessi of the blog, Grateful Foodie, replied with, “Just a warning Justin, you’re going to fall in love with this group!”  And that was true, I did.  From that point on, I felt completely welcome, and I was very excited to meet everyone.

Sarah:  Like Justin, I was also debating on whether to attend the conference originally, but fate intervened for me. On a whim, I entered a contest on the Amazing & Atopic blog – Selena  Bluntzer was giving away a free registration to FABlogCon – and one day I got an email from her saying that I had won. Well, how could I say no to an amazing opportunity combined with the amazing generosity of a fellow blogger? Immediately, I was blown away by the support and welcoming nature of this group that I would soon be meeting.

Homa:  It’s a great group of people.  We’re so excited to get everyone back together again for FABlogCon2014 so that others can feel as welcomed as you two were!

Justin: Right, exactly!  As to networking, the conference far exceeded my expectations.  The great thing about FABlogCon is right from-the-start everyone is walking together on common ground with a common purpose.  Extensive work by Simon Sinek and others has established this truism: when you work with people who believe what you believe, the stage is set for innovation and extraordinary achievement.  FABlogCon is the perfect setting for us to come together to take the food allergy community another step forward.

Beyond the common purpose which brings us all together, FABlogCon’s format drives interaction among attendees, making it easy to make new friends.

Sarah:  I couldn’t have said it better myself, Justin. There is something so fantastic about a community that works together on so many levels. And of course, FABlogCon’s format really did bring us all together. By the end of this conference, I came back with so many new friendships and plans to embark on new partnerships!

Homa:  That’s why Jenny started it!  How did FABlogCon enable you to launch your collaboration?

Justin: I had reached out to Sarah via email months before the conference because I knew based on her blog that we shared a passion for helping people safely expand their horizons when it comes to dining out.  I was inspired by Sarah’s blog – an incredible collection of hundreds of gluten free, dairy free restaurant reviews at Walt Disney World – and I was looking for feedback on an early version of the app.  Later, we developed capabilities within YoDish to help bloggers extend the reach of their content to app users looking for restaurant dishes nearby.  So, I reached out again to propose we collaborate.

Well, we were both busy – like we all are – and we weren’t personally invested in making progress because we didn’t know each other.  Since we were both attending FABlogCon, we agreed to connect there to talk it through.

When we met face-to-face at FABlogCon, everything fell into place.  You just can’t establish the same rapport online as you can when meeting face-to-face.

Tess Masters, Joel Warady, and Annalies Zijderveld Speak at FABlogCon 2013.  Image Courtesy of Colette Martin.

Tess Masters, Joel Warady, and Annalies Zijderveld Speak at FABlogCon 2013. Image Courtesy of Colette Martin.

Moreover, in the first panel, Joel Warady of Enjoy Life Foods mentioned Sarah as an example of a blogger who is professional and on top of her game.  That immediately confirmed for me that working with Sarah would be productive and enjoyable.  I might have stumbled across a tweet by Joel saying the same thing, but hearing it in that setting had a much stronger impact.

When we announced that Sarah’s dish reviews were available in the app, people reacted so positively and many joined the movement.  Today, Orlando is the most active community on YoDish.

It has been a great pleasure to work with Sarah.  It is a privilege to interact with someone who demonstrates such consistent professionalism and possesses such a strong focus on quality.

Sarah:  When Justin initially reached out to me, I was intrigued by his work developing YoDish and the possibilities that he had proposed about the project. But, like he said, we were both busy and investing in making progress on a collaboration wasn’t really progressing along without that personal connection. It’s so true that when we met at FABlogCon, things really did fall into place.

Sarah Norris

Sarah Norris

The first thing that struck me when I met Justin was that we shared common goals, passions, and a desire to bring continued awareness to the community. Hearing about his family’s food allergy story really connected us in a much more personal way than any email or business call would. His strong drive to create something unique and impactful on the community was evident immediately. And his approach was so professional and thoughtful. Not only did we share common goals and experiences but we easily began to think of ways we could work together to make the Orlando area reviews a robust resource for local residents and visitors. There was synergy going on, and I think we both knew pretty early on that this collaboration would be a great one.

In this day in age, we’re always working collaboratively, especially in a virtual environment. And in this kind of environment, you look to work with people who you can trust and feel confident in collaborating with, and for me this completely describes my partnership with Justin and the YoDish brand. What has and continues to impress me about working with Justin is his continued dedication to the community and the quality of work that he provides. He has made working on this project such a pleasure, and I look forward to continuing our collaboration serving the food allergy community for years to come!


YoDish, a free iPhone app, enables people with gluten intolerance and food allergies as well as vegetarians and vegans to share their restaurant dining experiences while on-the-go. YoDish is socially driven and leverages FourSquare’s global locations database to provide users an instant list of the restaurants near their current location. Users can post their dish reviews in the app as well as to Facebook, Twitter, and FourSquare. Justin and Emily Cunningham, whose daughter has been diagnosed with severe allergies to dairy, eggs, peanuts, and tree nuts, understand the challenges involved in eating out with dietary restrictions. Learn more about and download YoDish at http://bit.ly/YoDish.

Gluten Free & Dairy Free at WDW was founded by Sarah Norris in 2009 and is the top source for gluten free and dairy free dining information at the Walt Disney World Resort. Gluten Free & Dairy Free at WDW contains reviews, tips, tricks and trip planning resources to assist those visiting Disney with a special diet. In addition to resources found on the Gluten Free & Dairy Free at WDW site, those interested in special diets at Walt Disney World can also find on-the-go information through the site’s podcast, found on iTunes.

Thank you so much Sarah and Justin!  Don’t forget to register today (be sure to check out our new schedule system that lets you build your own schedule of events and panels to attend) and we’ll see you in September!  

Interested in sponsorship?  E-mail us at jenny@fablogcon.com or homa@fablogcon.com.  If you have a connection you’d like us to feature, feel free to e-mail us about it as well.

Ways to Save and Win at the Food Allergy Bloggers Conference!

Hi Everyone!  We’ve got our official speaker list finalized and will be posting it and the hour by hour agenda for the conference before the month is over.  There will be a “blogging” track that covers things like monetizing, self-publishing, and working with brands and a track related to disease management and new research so even if you don’t have a blog you will find topics to engage and inspire you.  Jenny remarked to me the other day that she cannot wait to see everyone in the same room – it is going to be great!

Looking for a Hotel Roommate?

Speaking of same rooms, we have been working with Cheryl, the founder of Freedible (a great new online community designed to allow those of us that deal with food restrictions to connect and share), to offer attendees to potentially share hotel room expenses.  As you know, we are being hosted at the South Point Hotel and Casino so we’ve secured a fantastic group room rate (here’s a custom link, or reference the code FOO1102) so that if there are one or two people in a room you’ll be able to stay for $80* per night for November 1st and 2nd but only $50* per night for November 3rd and 4th.  If you add a third person to a room the rate increases by $20 per night which is still a great deal!  Since the rate stays the same whether there is just one person in a room or two, we needed a way to allow attendees to connect and make plans and Cheryl (thank you so much!) was able to help us set up a private Freedible group you can post to.

Just join Freedible (if you haven’t already, it is free), be sure you’re logged in, and put in a request to be added to the group.  We’ll check requests against our list of registered attendees and approve you.  Only other members that are logged in will be able to see posts to the group and you can private message on the site to work out all the details!  You don’t have to stay on the hotel property to take advantage of this private group, we don’t have a group rate anywhere else in town but please contact us if you are looking for a local hotel with, say, in room cooking options.  We will mention we’ve been working with Chef Keith Norman (be sure to send us an email about any restrictions/requests you have so we can keep you in mind!) and the plan right now is that in addition to the food we’ll provide at the conference, the hotel restaurants will have some options that may suit many of you!

*There is an additional $14 per night resort fee plus taxes that are not included in the group room rate.  The resort fee has benefits that include: Complimentary in-room WIFI/internet, Complimentary Fitness Center access, Complimentary Airport Shuttle, Free local/toll free phone calls, Complimentary printing of Boarding Passes (great idea!), Complimentary WIFI in Business Center, and Complimentary parking and valet.

Two Ways to WIN Tickets to the Conference!

We have a FARE walk team that will be gathering on the morning of November 2, 2013 to participate in the Nevada FARE Walk (FABlogCon will have their own booth and rumor has it that we’ll be handing out an exclusive postcard to walkers!) and the highest fundraiser at the end of June 2013 was Selena of Amazing and Atopic.  Selena had already purchased her conference ticket and asked if she could give away the one she won on her blog so if you haven’t already purchased a ticket you can head over there and enter!


Also, this month we are giving away a conference ticket to the highest fundraiser on our walk team at the end of July 2013!  For this giveaway, if you’ve already purchased a ticket you can give your winning ticket away or we can refund you the price you paid for your ticket.  Also, even if you can’t make it on the morning of the walk, virtual walkers are welcome and encouraged.  So you can still raise funds and awareness for FARE (a Gold Presenting sponsor of FABlogCon).  We are hoping to raise $1,000 as a team before the deadline to qualify to have our logo appear on the walk t-shirts.  Be sure to register any children walking with you as they will get a free shirt without logos just for participating.  For every $100 our team raises, an adult team member will earn a free shirt as well, it will be the perfect souvenir!

After the July 2013 ticket giveaway, you can still win great prizes for fundraising with our team, we are so excited to be able to offer these options.  At the conference itself we’re going to be giving away, among other things, a Kitchen-Aid stand mixer and a Vitamix blender (stay tuned to learn how).

105 days to go!

Kim Pebley Q & A

We will be introducing you to the speakers and attendees of the Food Allergy Bloggers Conference by sharing their responses to a few questions. We have asked them to choose to answer 3-5 of these questions:
1. Who do you look forward to seeing/meeting most at FABC and why?
2. Which of your blog posts are you most proud of and why?
3. Which panel topic do you look forward to hearing most and why?
4. What is the best thing about food allergies?
5. What motivated you to start blogging about food allergies?
6. What is the best thing about the online food allergy community?
7. What other blogger would you most like to meet and why?
8. What other blogger has inspired you?
9. What is one of your favorite posts written by another blogger and why?
10. If you didn’t have or deal with food allergies, what would be your 3 favorite foods to eat/try?”

Kim Pebley blogs at Gluten Free in Arizona and can be found on Twitter @GFKimAZ.


1. Who do you look forward to seeing/meeting most at FABC and why? Everyone!  Can’t wait to see some of my long time gluten free friends who are advocates, authors and bloggers.  I’m also pretty stoked to see some of my new bloggy friends from BlogHer ’13.  Of course, I’m ecstatic to make new friends at FABC in Las Vegas.  Many of us know each other through electronic media and will recognize each other immediately so we feel like friends already.

4. What is the best thing about food allergies? There are so many positive things about being diagnosed with celiac disease that I could make you a list from A to Z and then some.  I’ve learned so much about food in the last 5 years. Among the plethora of information is a better understanding of where my food comes from and what it’s truly made of.  One of my other favorite things that being diagnosed is to confirmation of what I’ve known all along, food can be your best friend or your worst enemy.

5. What motivated you to start blogging about food allergies?  Blogging about food sensitivities is both an outlet to vent and a motivator to keep trying until we find the best results.  Regardless of your issues, whether they be celiac disease, anaphylactic allergies or a plethora of food intolerances – there is someone out there that needs your help and/or guidance.  No one should ever find that they are isolated due to allergies or autoimmune disorders.

8. What other blogger has inspired you? My inspiration to begin a blog began with one of my first Twitter encounters with a blogger called The Spicy RD.  She is a phenomenal writer, an incredible food photographer and also an RD.  EA was patient, kind and always there for me when I was trying to figure out whether to start a blog.  Her energy and love of healthy food is contagious.  EA’s blog can be found at http://www.eastewart.com/

9. What is one of your favorite posts written by another blogger and why? One of the best blog posts I’ve ever read came from Alysa at www.inspiredrd.com.  At a time she published this post, much was going awry during Celiac Awareness Month.  Those with celiac disease and NCGS were being called things like “glutards” by people who have no concept of what we deal with on a daily basis.  We were all growing weary and I was quite saddened by the level of food bullying that exists among adults.  If you know me, you know that I am not a crier but this post made me ball like a baby. http://inspiredrd.com/2013/05/what-i-want-you-to-know-celiac-disease.html

Pam Jordan/I’m A Celiac Q & A

We will be introducing you to the speakers and attendees of the Food Allergy Bloggers Conference by sharing their responses to a few questions. We have asked them to choose to answer 3-5 of these questions:
1. Who do you look forward to seeing/meeting most at FABC and why?
2. Which of your blog posts are you most proud of and why?
3. Which panel topic do you look forward to hearing most and why?
4. What is the best thing about food allergies?
5. What motivated you to start blogging about food allergies?
6. What is the best thing about the online food allergy community?
7. What other blogger would you most like to meet and why?
8. What other blogger has inspired you?
9. What is one of your favorite posts written by another blogger and why?
10. If you didn’t have or deal with food allergies, what would be your 3 favorite foods to eat/try?”
Please meet Pam Jordan from I’m a Celiac! www.ImaCeliac.com and on Twitter @ImaCeliac
3. Which panel topic do you look forward to hearing most and why?  
“Picture This” is the session I’m most looking forward to.  Great pictures of food make all the difference!  People eat with their eyes first so you want to show your readers a beautiful picture of your meal.  That will encourage them to want to cook it, pin the picture and share it with others.  As a mom it is hard enough to make dinner every night let alone stage a good picture of it!  I look forward to learning more tricks to make my food pictures stand out.
5. What motivated you to start blogging about food allergies?  
When I got the call from my doctor that I had Celiac Disease all he told me was there was no cure for it and the only treatment was a Gluten Free diet.  I was given no instructions, support or help, just told to eat Gluten Free.  I turned to the blog world to find out what I could eat.  I immediately found a number of people like me who seemed to have a handle on eating Gluten Free.  The blog world became my support group.  So as I got used to living Gluten Free I wanted to share my story and want we eat with others.  I love hearing stories about how people use my recipes to feed their families and friends!
6. What is the best thing about the online food allergy community? 
I have Gluten Free best friends all around the country!  If I have a question about a product, recipe or restaurant I have thousands of people I am connected with to get answers. There is so much love and support among Gluten Free and allergy free bloggers!  I also love that so many Gluten Free companies communicate with their audience.  A couple times I’ve had issues and the companies were able to quickly get back to me.




Initial planning is underway to make this dream a reality. We are all united in managing the same disease. There is amazing inspiration and power when so many like minded people- who GET one another and our struggles can finally meet; sharing, learning and supporting one another! Audience would hope to include: the Food Allergy, Asthma, EoE/EGID, Eczema, Gluten-Free and Celiac communities. Be sure to Follow Us on Twitter @Fablogcon  and Sign up to be on our mailing list! Sign Me Up!

Please check back as we will be posting updates as details get ironed out! If you are interested in participating as a vendor, exhibitor, speaker, or other please email us here.


  • We chose to hold the conference in Las Vegas for a few reasons, but a main one is that there is inexpensive airfare from almost anywhere! Making it more affordable for everyone to attend.
  • Cigarette smoking IS still allowed in Vegas! So Asthmatics be warned. The South Point Hotel does have smoking in their casino, which must be walked through to access the rest of the hotel, however they do a splendid job cycling the air out many times per hour. Of the near 3000 rooms, only 95 are smoking rooms, [but be sure to ask when registering!]
  •  The Head Chef at the South Point, Keith Norman is trained and very knowledgeable about food allergies, and cross-contamination safety. We feel confident that they will do their utmost to ensure everyone has wonderful experience! Please feel free to email us [fablogcon@gmail.com] with any dietary concerns you may have!
  • You will be able to grab an All-Day shuttle pass that takes you to the Vegas Strip with pick-up/drop-offs every 15 minutes for only $9.00!
  •  We hope you sign up and join our FARE Walk team. We will provide shuttle service to and from the walk event. It will give more time to visit and mingle with other conference attendees.