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Personalize Your FABlogCon 2014 Schedule!

For this year’s conference, we are using SCHED.org to manage our agenda and offer attendees an easy way to craft their own personal schedule and find useful information about this year’s Food Allergy Bloggers Conference across platforms (desktop computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.).

Here’s a great example of an attendee that has fully taken advantage of the features of the site so you can see what is possible with registration and a few easy clicks.

Here’s how to unlock the potential of SCHED.org…

Visit FABlogCon14.Sched.org and create a free account using your e-mail address (they also make it easy to link it to Facebook).

Once you create your account, be sure to visit “Settings” and link your profile to other social media accounts.  This will let you see others that will be attending events and sessions.

Connect Social Media Networks

Screenshot of SCHED.org settings page – link to your social media accounts!

The Breakout Sessions will be opened for registration on June 29th and you will need an account on SCHED.org (along with registration of course) to snag a spot for those with limited seating, so make sure to create your profile ahead of time.

We looked forward to seeing everyone soon!

This brief video will provide a tour through some of the features of SCHED.org.