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#FABlogCon Update #3: Saturday’s Keynote with Robyn O’Brien

Be sure to join us Saturday at lunch for this year’s Keynote Address with Robyn O’Brien and guests, where we will talk about “Food, Fear, and Love”


Samantha Cabaluna, Earthbound Farm

Samantha Cabaluna is Vice President of Communication for heritage organic produce grower Earthbound Farm,which has grown from 2½ acres to become the country’s leading grower of organic produce. She has been with Earthbound Farm for the last 12 years, contributing to the company’s success in increasing the adoption of organic in the fresh-cut salad category to more than 24%.  In her time at Earthbound Farm, Cabaluna has led the company’s communications programs, from consumer marketing to public relations, crisis/issues management, consumer affairs, community relations, social media and other digital channels. She is an ardent advocate for organic and for the company’s mission to bring the benefits of organic food to as many people as possible and serve as a catalyst for positive change.

Deanna Bratter, WhiteWave Foods

Deanna Bratter is the Director of Corporate Sustainability for WhiteWave Foods, one of America’s fastest growing and most progressive food companies.   A longtime member of the vibrant Boulder, Colorado natural products community, Deanna has been instrumental not only in driving WhiteWave’s sustainability initiatives, but also in helping the company create a values-driven culture.  As a passionate advocate for balancing sustainability with successful business, Deanna sets the strategy and programs that drive WhiteWave’s social and environmental sustainability goals.  Key initiatives include reducing the business’s environmental impact (specifically emissions, energy, waste and water) and improving responsible sourcing and sustainable packaging. Deanna oversees the company’s annual Greenhouse Gas (GHG) inventory and manages external reporting, including WhiteWave’s first Corporate Social Responsibility (www.whitewave.com/csr) and Carbon Disclosure Project reports. Deanna holds dual bachelor degrees from the University of South Florida and has obtained certification from the University of Denver on Sustainability Leadership and Implementation, in addition to completing Six Sigma Management and GRI training.


Rebekah Lyle, WhiteWave Foods and Silk  

Rebekah is Director of Marketing for Silk at the WhiteWave Foods Company, and has worked in the natural foods industry for more than ten years.  As a mom of two little boys, Rebekah is passionate about the organic and natural foods industry, and the impact we can all have on feeding ourselves and generations to come in a healthier, more sustainable way.