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Conference Connection – Kate Hufnagel and Sun Cups

The theme of the first year of the Food Allergy Bloggers Conference was “Connecting” and we are happy to report many of you did just that!  If you are considering attending this year and want to know if it is a worthwhile event, don’t just take our word for it.  This year’s conference theme is “Celebrating Others” so we wanted to celebrate and spotlight a few attendees that  credit the event with some exciting opportunities and experiences.  

First, we have Kate Hufnagel and Sun Cups.  Both Kate and Sun Cups plan to be back for FABlogCon 2014 and we are thrilled to read about their connection.  The post below is written by Kate, check out her blog at www.thediaryofanaphylaxis.com and see her Q&A post from last year prior to the event.

Kate Hufnagel, the founder of www.thediaryofanaphylaxis.com, attended the first ever FABlogCon about a year after experiencing her first anaphylactic reaction (thanks to lentils) and learning she was allergic to seven foods (this number has increased since then). 

While at FABlogCon, she came across the Sun Cups table and politely explained to the gentleman behind the table that she was familiar with his products but wasn’t stopping because she’s allergic to sunflower. The gentleman, Sun Cups Founder David Lurie, casually slid the box of Caramel Cups forward and said “these don’t have sunflower in them.” This stopped Kate dead in her tracks as her brain attempted to process the notion that there was a nut-free — and sunflower-free — chocolate in front of her. After tasting them, Kate knew she had finally found a new-found love in Sun Cups’ Caramel Cups and frequently stopped by David’s table to sweet talk him into another sample.

Caramel Cups Brought Kate and Sun Cups Together

Caramel Cups

After FABlogCon, Kate ordered three boxes of Caramel Cups to give as holiday presents to people who are important to her (well, she did keep a box for herself). As she was preparing to relocate from Virginia to Colorado at the start of the year, Kate reached out to David to find out if she could do a Twitter campaign for Sun Cups as she drove across most of the country. And, after settling into her new home, Kate contacted David to find out if he’d be willing to give her a tour of the Sun Cups facility (after all, her love of Caramel Cups had now turned into somewhat of an addiction). David happily obliged and invited her to the Sun Cups facility in Boulder, CO.  Little did Kate know that David had other ideas in mind. After a huge welcoming hug and a tour, David asked Kate if she’d be willing to help out Sun Cups. 

Today, Kate is putting her social media know-how and project management skills to use as the Sun Cups Customer Ambassador. She is thrilled to be associated with a company that is fanatical about not only creating some of the most delicious chocolate she’s ever had but also ensuring that their chocolates are free of so many allergens (gluten, nuts, soy; just to name a few).

Thank you, Kate!  Don’t forget to register today (be sure to check out our new schedule system that lets you build your own schedule of events and panels to attend) and we’ll see you in September!  

Interested in sponsorship?  E-mail us at jenny@fablogcon.com or homa@fablogcon.com.  If you have a connection you’d like us to feature, feel free to e-mail us about it as well.

Ways to Save and Win at the Food Allergy Bloggers Conference!

Hi Everyone!  We’ve got our official speaker list finalized and will be posting it and the hour by hour agenda for the conference before the month is over.  There will be a “blogging” track that covers things like monetizing, self-publishing, and working with brands and a track related to disease management and new research so even if you don’t have a blog you will find topics to engage and inspire you.  Jenny remarked to me the other day that she cannot wait to see everyone in the same room – it is going to be great!

Looking for a Hotel Roommate?

Speaking of same rooms, we have been working with Cheryl, the founder of Freedible (a great new online community designed to allow those of us that deal with food restrictions to connect and share), to offer attendees to potentially share hotel room expenses.  As you know, we are being hosted at the South Point Hotel and Casino so we’ve secured a fantastic group room rate (here’s a custom link, or reference the code FOO1102) so that if there are one or two people in a room you’ll be able to stay for $80* per night for November 1st and 2nd but only $50* per night for November 3rd and 4th.  If you add a third person to a room the rate increases by $20 per night which is still a great deal!  Since the rate stays the same whether there is just one person in a room or two, we needed a way to allow attendees to connect and make plans and Cheryl (thank you so much!) was able to help us set up a private Freedible group you can post to.

Just join Freedible (if you haven’t already, it is free), be sure you’re logged in, and put in a request to be added to the group.  We’ll check requests against our list of registered attendees and approve you.  Only other members that are logged in will be able to see posts to the group and you can private message on the site to work out all the details!  You don’t have to stay on the hotel property to take advantage of this private group, we don’t have a group rate anywhere else in town but please contact us if you are looking for a local hotel with, say, in room cooking options.  We will mention we’ve been working with Chef Keith Norman (be sure to send us an email about any restrictions/requests you have so we can keep you in mind!) and the plan right now is that in addition to the food we’ll provide at the conference, the hotel restaurants will have some options that may suit many of you!

*There is an additional $14 per night resort fee plus taxes that are not included in the group room rate.  The resort fee has benefits that include: Complimentary in-room WIFI/internet, Complimentary Fitness Center access, Complimentary Airport Shuttle, Free local/toll free phone calls, Complimentary printing of Boarding Passes (great idea!), Complimentary WIFI in Business Center, and Complimentary parking and valet.

Two Ways to WIN Tickets to the Conference!

We have a FARE walk team that will be gathering on the morning of November 2, 2013 to participate in the Nevada FARE Walk (FABlogCon will have their own booth and rumor has it that we’ll be handing out an exclusive postcard to walkers!) and the highest fundraiser at the end of June 2013 was Selena of Amazing and Atopic.  Selena had already purchased her conference ticket and asked if she could give away the one she won on her blog so if you haven’t already purchased a ticket you can head over there and enter!


Also, this month we are giving away a conference ticket to the highest fundraiser on our walk team at the end of July 2013!  For this giveaway, if you’ve already purchased a ticket you can give your winning ticket away or we can refund you the price you paid for your ticket.  Also, even if you can’t make it on the morning of the walk, virtual walkers are welcome and encouraged.  So you can still raise funds and awareness for FARE (a Gold Presenting sponsor of FABlogCon).  We are hoping to raise $1,000 as a team before the deadline to qualify to have our logo appear on the walk t-shirts.  Be sure to register any children walking with you as they will get a free shirt without logos just for participating.  For every $100 our team raises, an adult team member will earn a free shirt as well, it will be the perfect souvenir!

After the July 2013 ticket giveaway, you can still win great prizes for fundraising with our team, we are so excited to be able to offer these options.  At the conference itself we’re going to be giving away, among other things, a Kitchen-Aid stand mixer and a Vitamix blender (stay tuned to learn how).

105 days to go!