Food @ FABlogCon

We have something you can’t get anywhere else – completely safe, allergy-friendly conference food.

We’ve partnered with hotel Chef Charles Fulton who works with our adviser Chef Keith Norman to create delicious, top-8 free meals for every meal at the conference. From stir-fry to tacos and pasta to bagels, we’ve had it all.


The best food.

If you love to eat. If you advocate for food allergy awareness. If you are always looking for the best gluten free options. This is the conference for you.

All meals are top-8 free and gluten-free. They’re prepared by trained staff with strict allergy protocols. And it is darn good food. Even the restaurants in the hotel have been trained to make safe food for all guests upon request.

Please be sure to contact us ASAP if you have any dietary restrictions for our menu planning purposes. Email us at  Subject Line: MENU

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